We are seeking for 02 Quality Assurance Managers (QAM)
* Schedule: Start from end of October, 2014 and lasting 3~6 months 
* Work place: near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
* Goods: Steel structure
If you're interested, please email your CV to:
or via phone 064 351 3257 (Ms. Thu)
Job Assignments
1. Task & Responsibility
For their assigned project, the Quality Assurance Managers (QAM) responsibilities include:
  • Review customer contracts
  • Create and manage the project Inspection Test Plan (ITP) based upon the project requirements
  • Develop a cost estimation (including time) for quality scope/activities for the project
  • Monitor project sourcing plan (tendering and execution) to verify that selected suppliers can meet the project quality requirements
  • As needed, organize and hold kick-off meeting for suppliers and contractors
  • Review and approve quality related documentation for project (including submittals)
  • Provide guidance to any Alstom Quality Assurance Inspector or Alstom Quality Control Manages involved with their assigned project
  • As needed, perform (quality) audits of venders/ suppliers/ contractors (including sites) to show compliance with standard industry practice, code requirements, products standards, the project ITP, and their (approved) quality management system
  • As needed, verify Alstom procured product/services meet requirements of Alstom engineering QA Inspection Test Plan (ITP) customer contract code, and standard industry practices.
Commonly verified items include:
     - Materials
     - Fabrication/manufacturing processes and procedures.
     - NDE and testing (mechanical, pressure, motor-load, functional, etc.)
     - Painting/ coatings
     - Reports and turn-over documentation
     - Shipment and final inspection
     - Customer witness/ hold points
  •  Provided surveillance/trip reports for inspectors or audits performed
  • As needed by the project, provide expediting information for vender surveillance
  • Assist supplier in developing/ maintain a high-level of product quality
  • Ensures NCRs are generated on violation of operating procedures or deficient services/ products
  • Aid in identifying and implementing improvements to products, processes, and procedures using CARs, PARs, and/or the Lesson Learned database
  • Communication with suppliers, API project team, and the customer to achieve expected quality results (per agreed-upon contract standards)
2. Key Performance Indicators, Positive
  • Complete, yet concise, QA documents that prevent confusion and allow all parties to perform/build to expected quality levels
  • Short turn-around time of surveillance/trip report submittal
  • Clear, thorough and accurate information within surveillance/trip reports and NCRs
  • Professional and functional communication with project team, suppliers, and customer representatives (email, verbal, etc.)
  • Positive customer feedback/ report for quality
  • Staying within the estimated project quality budget
  • No customer/site-based product-quality NCRs generated for assigned project